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Dr. Arsenous is a top rated, board-certified, trauma trained general surgeon with 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. The incorporation of this art in her practice has been a natural evolution of what she started early on in her surgical residency training. As she pursued her passion for sculpting and provided breast reconstruction surgery for indigent victims of breast cancer in the clinic – Dr. Arsenous observed that suffering an injury and disfigurement after surgery also caused hopelessness and depression which affected all aspects of the recovery of the patients. It was the painful awareness of this suffering of the injured and disfigured surgical patients that motivated the seeking of solutions.

A Miraculous chance meeting with the elite founding surgeons of the field of cosmetic surgery – Dr. Giorgio Fisher, Dr. Gerard Yves Illouz, Dr. Michele Zocchi and Dr. Guerrero Santos- occurred during attendance to the first American meeting of the International Lipoplasty Society, to which she attended as the sole surgical resident. This event placed her clearly into the path.

Dr. Arsenous has continued attendance and training with the pioneers and masters of cosmetic surgery in international conferences and workshops.

Training in principals of lipoplasty by Dr. Klein, Brought Dr. Arsenous to the era of safe and highly effective lipoplasty surgery. Shortly after, Dr. Illouz encouraged the concept of fat grafting and fat transfer, leading to the successful and satisfying use of this technique by Dr. Arsenous in body enhancement. Training by Dr. Roger Amar- lead to practicing fat Graft and VOLUMETRIC facial rejuvenation and applying similar principals in the usage of other volumetric rejuvenation molecules such as hyaluronic acid.

She underwent training in the use of the toxin currently known as Botox, by the original discoverer- Dr. Jean Carruthers. And now in an era of safe and reproducible results with the use of lasers, laser medicine as the focus of this website, has been established in her practice.

As of this writing, Dr. Arsenous continues to practice general/ laparoscopic surgery.

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